Transnefteproduct, JSC Earns Honorific Mention for Participating in the «Billion in Small Change» Program

Date of publication: 08 April 2015

Transnefteproduct, JSC, which was represented by Nikolay Gorban, the General Director of the Company, has earned honorific mention from Petr Ishchenko, President of the Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia, for its participation in the first «Billion in Small Change» national charity program.

The text of the award document reads: «A well-known saying that one’s grief is everyone’s grief even in our cruel age is not just empty words. Your noble act is a proof to that effect. As long as we are united, as we remain normal people, our Russia and our children and grandchildren have a future to look forward to».

In 2014, Transnefteproduct, JSC participated in the first «Billion in Small Change» national charity program, which was organized by the Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia (UCOR) non-profit partnership. The program aims to unite the efforts of the Russian public in order to address the issues of pediatric oncology and to provide assistance to seriously ill children.

The company has provided targeted assistance in the form of donation of funds to the Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia non-profit partnership, which were used to purchase expensive medical equipment for the 6-year-old Yelizaveta G. Thus, the girl stands a chance to beat a serious disease without resorting to surgery.

In the course of its operations as a socially responsible organization, Transnefteproduct, JSC implements sponsorship and charity programs being guided by the principles of social responsibility based on transparency, targeted purpose, and the most effective use of funds allocated to this end. In 2014, the company donated more than 6.5 million rubles to social, educational, and medical institutions and various fundationss.