Occupational safety

As a key element of the Russian energy industry that determines the final results of its activity, Transneft, JSC sees the main priority of its business in the protection of workers’ life and health, as well as provision of safe conditions for their work.

Fully aware of potential negative impact of its widescale and sophisticated activity on life and health of its workers, Transneft, JSC will develop the trunk pipeline transport and perform works in such a way as to minimize hazards and protect the workers subject to risk of occupational injuries or professional diseases.

Transneft, JSC activity is based on the following principles:

  • compliance with requirements of Russian legislation, international treaties of the Russian Federation and labor protection standards;
  • continuous improvement of activity in the sphere of occupational health and hygiene;
  • planning and performing of activity aimed to preventing occupational accidents and professional diseases;
  • planning and performing of activity aimed to equip the workers with the means of personal protection against hazardous production factors, corresponding to the modern level of science and technology in the area of labor protection;
  • making available the significant information on activity in the area of labor protection.

To ensure observance of the said principles, Transneft, JSC sets the following goals and objectives:

  • ensuring labor protection and safe working conditions for workers during operation of buildings, constructions, equipment and performance of technological processes;
  • support of systems for occupational health and hygiene monitoring and control;
  • provision of sanitation and housekeeping conditions and preventive medical care for workers; equipment of medical facilities (health and first aid facilities) for delivery of medical care and health improving treatment of workers; equipment the same with first aid means and medicines;
  • certification of workplaces according to working conditions with subsequent certification of labor protection activities;
  • informing of workers on labor protection and workplace conditions, existing health risks, means of protection against the impact of harmful and hazardous production factors;
  • minimization of risks and protection of workers against occupational injuries and professional diseases;
  • continuous training on safety methods and techniques of labor protection activities, as well as checking the knowledge of labor protection requirements;
  • improvement of the system of labor protection management at Transneft, JSC due to timely development and updating of corporate guidelines and regulations in the area of labor protection, distinct division of rights, liability and responsibility of workers for observance of labor protection requirements;
  • allocation of organizational, material and financial resources for the system of labor protection management and holding labor protection events;
  • establishment of personal responsibility of administration and direct executors for observance of labor protection requirements;
  • continuous formation of a positive image of Transneft, JSC as a company focusing at the priority protection of the life and health of its workers;
  • raising production standards, educational and professional level of workers in the area of labor protection;
  • consideration of opinion of employees and stakeholders interested in labor protection management at the Company.


Transneft, JSC considers observance of these provisions as a guarantee of optimal combination of interests of the Company with social-economic needs of society in the sphere of labor protection.